Flourishing five 

The Flourishing 5 FUNdamentals were born out of necessity, they are guidelines for proper self-care organized in a way that makes sense and is attainable. A Flourishing RX if you want to call it that!

All Flourish Corporate Wellness Programs incorporate these FUNdamentals.

Plant-Focused Nutrition, Movement, Self-Love, Connectivity and Mindset + Spirituality.


Plant focused nutrition

With all the constantly changing buzz about nutrition its hard to know where to start and where to land. Learning the basics of a Plant Focused eating plan is a great place to start on the journey to optimal nutrition. We will guide employees, groups and individuals to create a balanced healthy diet rooted in science, that supports their bodies. In reality we all must find our own personalized nutrition plan. No one human being is the same and just like our fingerprints our nutrition must be individual.


Movement is important to the functioning of our bodies. Its not only about structured exercise and its benefits to weight loss but to the complete function of the body as a whole. This FUNdamental will ignite the possibility that movement be simplified, enjoyable and eventually a daily part of living. Movement is much more than an exercise plan, learn why?



Self LoVe 

This FUNdamental is the heart of the lifestyle guide. You must love yourself despite any defects you might have within you. Learn how to create an environment where you feel empowered, educated and worthy of Self-Care.


In the age of the phone, tablet & computer how do we still connect? Human connection is a basic need to thrive at life, yet so many are isolated, alone and unwilling to communicate. Success is achieved not only alone but within groups, teams and organizations. We need each other and our minds want to be together. We provide ways to learn about connecting in various environments to gather ideas and grow together.


Mindset + Spirituality

Do you think you can? or think you can’t? That’s mindset! What we want to do is to give you the tools to flourish and grow your mindset so you know that You Can! This area of brain science is so exciting to us at FCW because we know it but also live it day in and day out. Different hacks and tips can and will help your employees and yourself reach higher levels than you can imagine just by learning and trying to alter mindset. Its the thought that counts so make it good thoughts.

Flourishing Five FUNdamentals